land NOUN 1) the part of the earth's surface that is not covered by water. 2) an area of ground in terms of its ownership or use. 3) (the land) ground or soil as a basis for agriculture. 4) a country or state.
VERB 1) put or go ashore. 2) come or bring down to the ground. 3) bring (a fish) to land with a net or rod. 4) informal succeed in obtaining or achieving (something desirable). 5) (land up) reach a place or destination. 6) (land up with) end up with (an unwelcome situation). 7) (land in) informal put in (a difficult situation). 8) (land with) inflict (something unwelcome) on. 9) informal inflict (a blow) on someone.
how the land lies — Cf. ↑how the land lies
in the land of the living — Cf. ↑in the land of the living
the land of Nod — Cf. ↑the land of Nod
DERIVATIVES landless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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